CSFOA Signature Artist (2016)

Watchful Blue Heron by Barb Capeletti

CSFOA Signature Artist - 2016 - Barb Capeletti

Barb Capeletti, Watercolor Artist - Biography

Barb has always enjoyed many forms of art since childhood. Life, however, intervened and she spent 25 years in commercial banking, real estate and finance. Since retiring in 2008, Barb has pursued a passion for painting, especially watercolors, in her home studio in Florida. She exhibits her mastery of the watercolor medium, using the way the colors blend on the paper, vivid colors and deep values, to create many original looks and bold watercolor paintings. Her favored subject is landscapes and nature, in which she explores the change in colors that the sunlight creates on mountains, rocks, trees, foliage and flowers.

Barb is a self-taught artist who enjoys lessons and workshops from many national artists including Joe Miller, Tom Jones, Lian Zhen, and Anne Abgott. She teaches private students in her home studio in Florida but continues to increase her own knowledge and skill set through additional classes, workshops, conventions, resources and mentors. This year she has expanded her art skills to include oil paintings, specifically impressionist landscapes, under the mentorship of impressionist oil landscape artist George Gallo.

Barb's true inspiration is nature and scenery – particularly the breathtaking landscapes of the American West – Colorado, Arizona, Sedona, Grand Canyon, as well as lovely wooded scenes in places including North Carolina and Central Park in New York. She paints both En Plain Air and from her travel photographs and enlist friends to share their vacation photographs with her.

Barb is a member of a few Florida artist guilds and has won several awards, both locally and in online international competitions, for her watercolor paintings. She recently won the People's Choice Award, for the third year in a row, in the 2-day Coral Springs Festival of the Arts.

Over the past 15 years Barb has chaired 20 large fundraisers and worked on many more, and now co-chairs a monthly charity luncheon that features her artwork to support many local Florida charities. Giving back is a large part of her life and she often sells a framed print as a donation to a local charity. Barb has received several awards for her work in the community. A percentage of all art sales is donated to local charities.

Artist Statement

I am a self-taught watercolor artist whose inspiration is the awesome beauty of nature. I enjoy and study the change in colors that the sunlight creates on mountains, rocks, trees, foliage and flowers, and the many different looks, vivid colors and deep values that can be achieved through watercolor painting. I am humbled to have won several awards including the last 3 years of "People's Choice" at Coral Springs Festival of the Arts. A percentage of all art sales is donated to local charities.

Favorite quote:

"Your talent is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift to God" – Leo Buscaglia

1895 Merion Lane, Coral Springs, FL 33071